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Covid – 19 Updates, Protocols, and Waiver

Covid – 19 Updates, Protocols, and Waiver2022-10-03T09:46:21-04:00

To our Amazing guests, We want to sincerely thank you for your patience during the challenging time and entrusting us with your vacation. The health, safety, and well being of our guests and community are most important to us. We have been working and preparing with our housekeeping staff for the reopening of our vacation rentals.

We know our guests expect the highest standards and we are committed to providing that and more during this challenging time and to go beyond regular cleaning recommendations.

We understand that you are eager for your much anticipated vacation and getaway. Below are the cleaning protocols in place with our housekeeping before you arrive:

  • Housekeeping uses colored cleaning cloths for specific areas to avoid cross contamination of areas.
  • Housekeeping is expected to clean and sanitize their hands before entering and after cleaning each area.
  • Housekeeping will be using a commercial grade disinfectant for cleaning that is a viruside, tuberculocidal, mildewstat and fungacide, and FDA approved to kill the human coronavirus.
  • Additional care is taken to wipe down all handles, light switches, lamp pulls, banisters, inside and outside door knobs, and additional surfaces.
  • Just after a guest check out and before your arrival an Ozone air purifying machine will be place in the property to sanitize the air before arrival
  • Sheets and towels will be washed and sanitized in hot water, laundry detergent, and bleach.

Since you will be vacationing in our town, Highlands Vacation Rentals nor the owners of the property where you are guests can validate or insure that every retail shop or restaurant are taking the same cleaning standards as we are. While you are vacationing, we encourage each guest to practice good sanitizing protocol as you shop, play, and relax in our town. To ensure the safety of future guests and staff, a copy of this document will be sent for you to acknowledge the following:

  • For the week prior to your check in, and on check in day, you or anyone in your party have not had temperatures above 100 degrees fahrenheit, chills, head ache, sore throat, trouble breathing or shortness of breath, or muscle pains that could be associated with being symptomatic of the Covid 19 virus
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