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Highlands Police Department

The Highlands Police Department is the finest at the 4118!

The Mission of the Highlands Police Department 
“To provide a safe environment for all citizens through the collective contributions of the community. Pride and integrity reflect our dedication to community values.”
Vision Statement
The purpose of a vision is to give direction for all members of the Highlands Police Department, and provide understanding for our community.
Our vision of the future for the Highlands Police Department is extremely positive.
We envision a law enforcement agency highly professional in all its actions, an agency that is considered both a leader in law enforcement and a positive model of our profession.
We envision an agency cooperating closely with all levels of law enforcement agencies, and all entities of Town and other governments, by sharing our talents and resources.
We envision the Highlands Police Department as being staffed by highly competent, motivated, trained, educated members, equipped to meet the goals and objectives of our agency and the needs of our community.
Statement of Values
The Highlands Police Department holds forth professional integrity as our most fundamental value.
Professional integrity includes:
Personal Integrity: We have personal integrity. We are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards. We are truthful and sincere. We believe that integrity is the foundation for trust.
We are professional: We are dedicated to providing quality service by being progressive, well trained, disciplined, and highly motivated employees. We will strive to actively obtain public input in the development of our policies and programs. We serve as role models for the community by projecting a positive image with a spirit of cooperation and teamwork.
We are Respectful: We are committed to protecting and preserving the rights of individuals as guaranteed by the Constitution. We treat everyone with dignity, understanding, and compassion in a way we want to be treated.
We are Fair: We deliver consistent service to all those in our community through understanding and non-prejudicial judgment. We are equally responsive to the needs of all people.
We are Loyal: We are principled, accountable, and supportive. We support the mission, vision, and values of the Highlands Police Department. The Highlands Police Department is committed to providing the most professional Total Quality police service to its citizens. Whether they are Macon/Jackson County natives or a newly relocated resident, or visitor; it is our pledge to Serve and Protect each and every one of our citizens fairly and equally. To better educate our community about its Police Department, we have developed and implemented a Community Oriented Policing Team dedicated to problem solving – the ability to recognize, define, and resolve a variety of problems at both the Community and Department levels.

As always the Highlands Police Department has an Open Door policy.

All information is the property of the Highlands Police Department — Visit for more information http://highlandsnc.org/police

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