US64 headed to Highlands!

There’s something mystical about mountains, flowing rocky streams, and moss covered rocky paths and you’ll find that in abundance in Highlands.

Let's cruise down US 64!
On foot: Within a short walk of town or a short car ride, you’ll have access to such intriguingly named hikes as Bearwallow, Devil’s Courthouse, Dry Falls, and Glen Falls (how far did Glen fall?). Keep in mind that Highlands has an average elevation of 4100 feet so if you plan on hiking any of these trails, you dang well better be in shape. If a day long hike isn’t in your immediate future, there’s still plenty of gorgeous scenery available from an hour-long car ride. And that’s my reason #8.
By car: The roads. In this age of straight as an arrow interstates, seven speed automatic transmissions, and self-driving Google-mobiles, some of us still enjoy the feel of rubber fighting for grip on a curvy road. If that’s you then you’re going to love the drive back and forth to Highlands. Along US64 you will enjoy seeing Bridal Veil, Dry Falls and many beautiful sight seeing opportunities! 
US 64, Georgia 106, or South Carolina 28 all lead to Highlands and all are capable of putting a wide smile on the face of any enthusiastic driver. Just be forewarned that the rocky edges of some of these roads bear witness to many a ham-fisted driver’s exploits so keep it in your comfort zone.

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